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Best Fruit Slicers of 2019 Review

best fruit slicer

If you are an avid fruit eater, then you should know how difficult it can be to core or skin your favorite fruit. If only it were possible to skip right to the eating part, and not have to deal with the frustration of coring an apple or slicing the skin off of a pineapple or watermelon. Then you would enjoy eating fruits so much more, right?

Well you’re in luck, because every fruit worth eating has a tool specifically designed so that you can get right to the juicy, yummy bits with minimal effort on your part. Do yourself a favor, and get the best fruit slicer that your money can buy and eat fruit like nobody’s business. Here are some of the benefits a fruit slicer can provide:


Imagine perfectly coring an apple in just a few seconds flat, every time. Or perfectly skinning a pineapple in record time, with no waste. That is exactly what you can expect when you use a fruit slicer. You will be much more efficient and consistent.


If you don’t have the right tools for the job, you can easily hurt yourself. You’ve probably tried using a chef’s knife to slice a watermelon or pineapple before. Things start to get tricky when you have to cut out a curved section, doesn’t it? One slip of the knife and your fruit will be covered in the wrong kind of juice. Using a slicer designed for the specific fruit you are trying to cut will drastically reduce your chances of injury and you will have less waste as well.

Easy to Clean

If you are able to quickly and cleanly cut fruits, then you will also have less chances of creating a mess in your kitchen. Clean-up will be a breeze; simply throw away the core or skin, and give your fruit slicer a quick rinse in the sink. Even an absolute beginner could get the job done in record time.

Our Reviews

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