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Best Sushi/Sashimi Knife

A sashimi knife is one of numerous traditional Japanese knives. Quality sashimi cutlery are made of lightweight, high quality metal, often with round, wood handles and enable quick, smooth cuts. The many different types involve yanagi, tako, fugu, and deba.

The yanagi sashimi knife is commonly used for cutting long pieces of fish and it is most the same as the Western energy knife. Its blade length is generally 10 to 12 inches (254-304 mm). The tako sashimi knife, similar to a european carving knife, is used for thicker slashes of species of fish and has the capacity to cut through skin and small bone fragments. A tako knife may also have a metal handle that is balanced with sand.

The fugu knife is used to slice the puffer sea food, or blowfish, and has a thin, versatile blade that is also broad. This particular knife is often the same shape as the puffer fish, or fugu, on its own. A deba knife is actually a heavier, fuller piece of cutlery that is used for easily reducing through fish skins and bones. The blade length of a deba knife differs from 4 to 8 ” (101-203 mm).

Japanese knives vary from European knives in that they have a single beveled edge. The opposite area is hollowed. This design allows the knives to experience a sharper edge, but also indicates that they are breakable.

Care and regular upkeep ensure frequent sharpness and safety. The extra weight of the knife is primarily at the end of the blade, allowing the chef to make comfortable movements. The blade size can vary from 3 to 14 in . (76-355 millimeters). The constant honing of the sashimi knife will ultimately shorten the blade. The knives could also be used to finely slice other meats.

A sashimi knife is available in an extensive price range. A more expensive sashimi knife might have a higher quality finish about the blade, together with a more refined handle. The price ranges from under $100 US Dollars (USD) to over $400 USD. To a sushi chef, the knife is an extremely important tool. Because there is small preparation to sushi, look is critical and a sharp blade is key to a silky structure.

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