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Best Vegetable Slicers of 2019 Review

There is nothing more satisfying than taking a bite out of your home-cooked meal and experiencing the explosion of delicious flavor in your mouth. That moment of triumph and satisfaction is fleeting, however, as you remember the arduous preparation and clean-up you had to suffer first before taking even the first bite. Cooking can be immensely rewarding, but there are sticking points that I’m sure you would want to smooth over.

With the help of the best vegetable slicer, you will never have to suffer a tedious vegetable chopping session ever again. It can help you slice and dice your vegetables in no time at all, and cleaning them can be as simple as putting the components in the dishwasher. If you are interested, below we have gone through the effort of testing and reviewing what we think are the best vegetable slicers currently on the market.

Reviews of the Best Vegetable Choppers

We have tested, cooked with, and recommend these products based on criteria which we describe more thoroughly below. Let’s get started.

Black+Decker FP1600B

If you are a homeowner, chances are you already own a Black+Decker appliance. They are reputable for making quality products among various markets like woodcutting tools, home cleaning accessories, and now kitchen products.

The first thing you’ll notice on the Black+Decker FP1600B is the 8-cup bowl that is crucial when you are preparing a meal for a large group or just batch cooking for future use. Compared to other vegetable choppers on the market, a working bowl this size is generous and will let you make meat-fillings, homemade dressings, and deli-style salads easily. For those who meal prep, this will be useful to you.

Furthermore, the design is so user-friendly and straightforward, even technology averse people will have no trouble figure it out. This B+D processor is fitted with a stainless steel chopping blade as well as a reversible slicing disc, which is ideal for versatility in the kitchen. For example, when you are done grating cabbage, just flip the disc and shred a carrot; now you’ve conveniently made some coleslaw.

If you need to slice tomatoes for a salsa, change the disc to the chopping blade and get cutting. Changing between the blades is quick and painless since the blades spin on a metal shaft in the middle of the bowl, allowing you to reach in and remove with ease.

Let’s talk safety features. If the blades can be so easily removed, how is it secured? Will it wobble, or accidentally fly off? No, because there is a safety lock located at the top of the unit and the blades will not move until they are secured in place.  The interlocking safety mechanism will make sure the FP1600B will be strictly used on food, and not fingers! Also, the suction cups on the bottom of the unit will ensure no wobbling will happen as you are slicing and dicing.

But, if you save time cutting the ingredients but take an eternity cleaning up the blade and working bowl afterwards, are you really saving any time or making life easier for yourself? Thankfully, after you are done cutting all the ingredients with the B+D FP1600B, you can just put it in the dishwasher for an easy, hands-off clean up.

Lastly, consider the price of the Black+Decker. There are lots of other high-quality vegetable slicers on the market, but most of them cost forty dollars or more. The Black+Decker is extremely affordable and can be yours for under or around thirty dollars. It is hard to beat the value this product offers, and we wholeheartedly recommend it.

Ninja Express Chop NJ110GR

If you can’t get your hands on a Black+Decker processor, don’t worry, Ninja has you covered. Though they are new to the scene compared to their competitors, Ninja have already left their mark on the industry with the innovative designs found on their products. The Ninja Express Chop demonstrates this by making food prep in your kitchen quick and easy. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the Express Chop.

Weighing in at only 2.4 pounds and standing 10 inches tall, this compact and lightweight food processor will not take up too much of your countertop or cupboard space. Though it does not have a suction cup like larger processors, it has a non-slip bottom that is just as effective. Don’t let its small stature fool you, the Chop Wizard will make quick work of your vegetables.

What I liked about the Chop Wizard is the anti-splash cap that is found between the working bowl and the mechanical head that will prevent any veggie bits or juices to fly onto the countertop. The cap can also be used as a lid to store your food after you’ve cut them, just make sure you remove the blade first!

Setting up the Ninja Express Chop is easy. Place your unit near an outlet but don’t plug it in just yet. Next, Secure the stacked blades into the working bowl. Toss in the vegetables you want to chop, and lock them in with the anti-spill lid, leaving the center hole open so that the mixing head can attach to the blade. Once this is done, plug in the Chop Wizard and hit the start button. The built in speed-pulse technology to help you make a mixture with your desired consistency.

For instance, if you are making a chunky salsa, give the Chop Wizard a few pulses and you will have made a delicious dip. To make something with a smoother consistency, hold down the large chrome pulsing button to chop things even finer. Once you are done chopping, remove the blade and put everything into the dishwasher for a quick clean up.

For those of you who are looking for a product with a larger holding capacity, Ninja have larger models that have the same features. They come with 400-450 watt motors and even interchangeable motor heads, along with three sizes of jars. These extra components will cost you, so expect to pay double the price of the Chop Wizard. Most people will find the Chop Wizard is just right for their needs, and can’t go wrong with this compact and efficient vegetable chopper.

Vidalia Chop Wizard

The Vidalia Chop Wizard is a simple and effective vegetable chopper that will slice all of your fruits and vegetables in one swift motion. It first caught my eye because of how intuitive and user-friendly it looked, and I was not disappointed. Furthermore, it is a manual product (no electricity and outlets required), and does not take up much storage space.

Opening up the Chop Wizard, you will see a holder, an interchangeable dicing/chopping plate, a lid with a raised grid, and a comb-like cleaning utensil. Setting up the Vidalia, first connect the lid and container together, then connect the appropriate dicing or chopping plate for your needs. You will still have to do some very minor prep work on your veggies. For instance, you still need to cut your tomatoes and onions in half to make it easier (and safer) to dice.

Once you’ve prepped your veggies, put them over the stainless steel blades and press the lid down until it is completely shut. Your vegetables will fall into the capacity holder uniformly diced. Perfect for a beautiful looking salad or a mixture of evenly sized veggies for a stir-fry. Whatever your needs are, the Chop Wizard will make uniform cuts every single time.

What I love about this product is how efficient it is. You can easily dice a bag of onions in just minutes for making a stock or a soup base. It does require a little bit of pressure when pressing the onions through the blades. I experienced a minor issue when dicing tomatoes rather than chopping. The tomato skin can get caught in the stainless steel dicing blades, and you will have to get it or else it will reduce your cutting power.

Other than that, the rest of my vegetables went through relatively painlessly, and I definitely saved time compared to slicing and dicing by hand. You can cut more than just vegetables with the Chop Wizard. I’ve used it to cut fruits, cheese, and even mince garlic.

Lastly, cleaning up the Vidalia Chop Wizard is as simple as one, two, and three. One, remove each chopping plate by sticking your finger into the hole and lifting it out from the holder. Two, use the included cleaning utensil and scrape off any bits of veggies off the pressing lid and chopping plate. Three, put each component into the dishwasher and let your dishwasher do all the hard work. Congratulations, you’ve successfully cleaned your Chop Wizard.

Top Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Vegetable Slicer

With so many vegetable choppers on the market today, it’s hard to figure out which ones are worth your money and which ones are shams. There are also so many different types of vegetable choppers, each good for various situations, with more features, and so on. We hope to shed some light on some of this confusion by letting you know the important factors you should care about when selecting a vegetable chopper.


Good vegetable choppers are multipurpose and can help you switch between tasks in the kitchen seamlessly. One moment you are slicing, the next you are grating, and in no time at all you’re done cutting and already starting on the clean-up.

These tools are meant to simplify your life in the kitchen. If the vegetable slicer you are using seems more like a gimmick or a prop than an actual kitchen tool, then it isn’t very good. However, if the one you are using helps you to be prepare food more efficiently in the kitchen and is easy to setup and clean, then you’ve found yourself a winner.


It doesn’t matter how good a vegetable slicer is if you can figure out how the darned thing works. We rate a product on its usability based on factors such as efficiency, effectiveness, tolerance for user error, and how easy it is to learn.

How effective a vegetable chopper is can be very easy to determine: can you chop vegetables with it? As for efficiency, are the steps required to slice the vegetables easy to do and easily repeatable? If there are other features that the product has, how well do they operate and do they accomplish their intended function?

Furthermore, safety is a major concern when operating sharp products. If you messed up a step in the cutting process, the product should be designed such that you won’t be in harm’s way. Using a vegetable chopper should feel safe and a large room for error is a necessary precaution.

Lastly, how quickly or easily can you learn to operate the product? A complex product is not a deal-breaker, but it should be easy to learn. Preferably, the vegetable slicer is straightforward and you can start using it practically right out of the box.


Let’s be honest, if cleaning up after you are finished food preparation is a chore, then you will not be using the vegetable chopper for very long. That is why it is important for a quality chopper to have a simple cleaning process. Something like disassembling the components and chucking them in the dishwasher, or using any included cleaning tools to wash it clean. Also, check if the chopper makes a mess around your kitchen, like splashing the juice out from a tomato when you are slicing it.

Companies have caught on to the fact that people like to have a clean kitchen, so they made anti-splash lids in an effort to reduce the mess. So now you have two options: do you opt for a chopper that can be put into the dishwasher once finished, or are you okay with a chopper that requires some handwashing?

Safety Features

And of course, anytime you are handling something sharp, you have to do so with extreme caution. What we are looking for are vegetable choppers that take steps to reduce injuries from occurring. Things like anti-slip surfaces on handles as well as on the bottom of the chopper so that you don’t accidentally slide around while cutting. For electronic slicers, look for any sort of interlocking mechanisms so that the container will be secured firmly in place. Removing and replacing any blades should be straightforward and easy to do.

Additional Considerations

Now that we have covered the factors that relate to using the vegetable chopper itself, it is time to consider some external factors that may impact your buying decision.

How often do you eat outside?

If you tend to eat out more than you cook at home, then would it be worth it for you to buy a vegetable chopper? And if you still think so, then you have to buy something that gives you the most bang for your buck. Consider getting a food processor which can do most of the small jobs that a vegetable chopper can do as well.

If you are cooking for yourself and only cook small meals, then an 8-cup processor would be overkill. Consider looking into smaller, more compact choppers like a Vidalia or Ninja. They are both excellent for people that have busy schedules and can’t spend too long in the kitchen.


Do you have the room to spare in the kitchen to buy yet another kitchen appliance? Depending on the vegetable chopper that you buy, you might only need a small drawer or a large cabinet. Also, do you have space on your counter when cooking? You may have to look into only compact choppers depending on your situation.


Unfortunately, price is always a determining factor. There are cheap and expensive vegetable choppers, but more expensive doesn’t always mean better. Perhaps its best to hold off on the top-of-the-line, best vegetable slicers and start off with just a budget one. All of the products we recommend in this review are quite affordable and were reviewed based on all of the above criteria.


As technology progresses, new innovations keep arriving and you might be wondering if it is finally time to ditch the knife and just rely on a veggie chopper. We are probably not yet at that point, but if you are looking for a simple, straightforward, and convenient way to speed up your food prep, then you may want to invest in one. From manual to electric choppers that do most of the work for you, there is definitely a chopper out there that will be perfect for your kitchen.

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